Smart Home Hubs are The Way of the Future

What is a smart home hub?

A smart home hub can help us manage and make our lives easier. From light control, security cameras and sound monitoring, medication reminders, thermostat regulation, digital lock management, and so much more, no home should be without one. They can connect to your phone and can both provide information and alerts to our loved ones and allow us to control our house from the palm of our hand.

Which one should I get?

My wife and I have recently purchased a Samsung SmartThings Hub and we love it. We wanted one that would connect everything in our house together and this one did a great job of it. When we come home in the evening, it detects that it’s us and turns on our lights for us automatically. We’ve taught it commands and set routines to make it look like we’re home, even when we’re not, as a way to keep our house safe. We even receive notifications to our phones about how much power we’re using, if we forgot to turn off something before we left, and if there is any movement inside when we’re not there.

Samsung Smartthings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub

We ordered the sensors that we needed to fit our needs and, with a little bit of tinkering, it did everything we wanted. For example, we bought ourselves a few temperature sensors for different rooms, a few smart plugs to control our floor-lights and TV, a few smartbulbs for our ceilings lights,  and motion sensors to keep us notified of movement when we’re not around. There were more that we could have bought to make our home more custom, too. For instance, you can get moisture sensors to detect burst pipes during winter. I was even reading that there’s developing heart rate motors and sleep trackers that can automatically call 9-1-1 if something happens while you’re sleeping.

Samsung SmartThings Hub app

There were definitely cheaper ones on the market, but this is the best one out there. We highly recommend it. Check it out HERE. This is where we got ours.

What else is out there?

We also checked out the alternatives before we got ours, like The Amazon Echo and the Wink Hub 2. Both were really good choices, just less integrated than we were looking for. Check them out and figure out which one is best for you. They’ll make your life easier.

Are you using a smarthub in your home? What’s your experience? Click HERE and share your story with us.


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