How to Deal with Self-Limiting Beliefs – 3 Easy Steps to Freedom

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We recently wrote about self-limiting beliefs and it’s time we talked about what you can do to make real changes.

#1 – Write your limiting beliefs down

Whatever beliefs are holding you back you need to recognize that you may be the one who’s creating them. Be honest with yourself about where these beliefs come from and how they cause you harm. Don’t try to lie to yourself. The more honest and open that you can be with yourself regarding your beliefs the quicker you’ll be able to rid yourself of them. Identifying and ridding yourself of these beliefs is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.

#2 – Figure out where these limiting beliefs come from

Our limiting beliefs can have many different starting places. Later in life, they may come from safety fears of how we’ve changed, either mentally or physically. Maybe they come from a feeling that the world isn’t safe anymore and we’re at risk every time we leave the house. Or, just maybe, we’re afraid of letting the people down around us, worrying them, or causing them problems.

#3 – Challenge them with arguments, counter-arguments, and examples

Limiting beliefs are learned and conditioned behavior that hurt our chances at real happiness.

Example – “I’m too old to travel, try new sports, or adventure. There’s too much risk.”

Think you’re too old to get back in shape? What evidence do you have for that? Do you know anyone your age who’s defying your expectations? Your body adapts to what you do with it. While it is true that getting back into shape after a long time being out of it isn’t easy, your body is yours to shape, mold, and fix. If you’re energy is low, if your feeling pain, or if you’re feeling sad or down more than you’d like, then exercise and getting out there to live freely is better than any medicine that you can take.

Read up on the stories we wrote about HERE for some examples that prove how much you can do if you start today.

Were you wondering about the woman doing gymnastics above? That’s Johanna Quass. To see her set a world record back in 2012 when she was 86-years-old click HERE (Floor) and HERE (Bars).

Example – “The world is much more dangerous than it was when I was young.”

violent crimes declining

The news will have you think that the world is more dangerous than ever before and that people are just waiting around the corner to do horrible things to us. The exact opposite of this is true. The numbers don’t lie: the world is MUCH safer than it was. Take a look at these for some more information:

Still don’t believe it? Don’t even believe me. Do your research and don’t just look at the sources that confirm what you think you know. Challenge your beliefs and ideas of the world and look up the stats. We’ve never lived in a safer time. Don’t trust a lie that’s meant to scare you so that you’ll watch more and boost their ratings. Don’t let them manipulate your fears to sell you something.

Still don’t believe it? You might be the victim of the backfire effect. Neuropsychologists at the University of South California studied this type of confirmation bias extensively and found that people can, and often do, reject evidence that proves their beliefs wrong and this can lead them to believe what they did before even more strongly. Undeniable facts against our beliefs don’t even phase us if we’re not open to think about them.

So, ask yourself these questions: How does this false belief benefit me? How has it guided my behaviors? How has it shaped my feelings? Has it made me feel better about the world and the people in it?

We often fight in the face of overwhelming evidence. It’s up to you to let it go. Wonderful things can happen when you do.

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Want to know more about self-limiting beliefs and what you can do to spot them, questions them, and drop them for good? Try one of the following books out –

#1 – Break Through: 12 Powerful Steps to Destroy Self-Limiting Beliefs, Overcome Mental Barriers, and Achieve Success

#2 – Limitless: How to Identify Your Fears, Challenge Your Self-limiting Beliefs, and Fulfill Your Potential

#3 – Relax Release Let Go: The 8-Step Solution To Destroy Limiting Beliefs

Have you recently overcome a belief that was holding you back? Contact us HERE and share your inspiration.

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