SCEWO – The Stair-Climbing Wheelchair!

Folks, it’s not everyday that I get really excited about a new piece of technology that’s coming out soon. This Swiss-made wheelchair is going to free up the limitations of what’s out there today. It’s still in its prototype phase, but they’re hoping to have it commercially available by the end of 2018.

Scewo stair-climbing wheelchair


What can it do?

Driving mode: • self-balancing • agile • able to roll over curbs • joystick or intuitive body weight control

Stair mode: • safely go up and down the stairs • automated transfer from stairs to floor and back

Elevated mode: • raises higher or lower for eye-to-eye contact or reaching for objects

Track mode: • overcomes slippery surfaces, like ice and snow, steep inclines, and big obstacles

Scewo track wheelchair


Check out the product movement diagram below. The videos of it in action are just amazing. We’re lucky that the modern technology that’s coming out today is making huge differences for us. This prototype is just one example and we here at Bucketlistings are proud to showcase it.


Scewo automated wheelchair

If you want to learn more about it, click HERE to go to their website.

What new piece of technology has changed the way your live? Contact us HERE and share your story.








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