ROCA Home Gardening Tool Set

This gardening tool set from ROCA Home is perfect for house gardens as well as vegetable patches or plants in planter boxes. The set also includes a waterproof storage bag and gardening guidebook. The tools have a highly ergonomic grip, allowing for more leverage and strength when digging in soil. This also reduces hand and wrist strain and makes gardening more enjoyable than ever before!

gardening tool kit

ROCA Home have made this gardening tool set from premium rust-resistant stainless steel. They clean up easily when rinsed with a garden hose. The toolkit is also great for use on both indoor and outdoor plants.

If you are looking for the best gardening tools around, this superior kit has you covered. These tools not only have a strong one-piece build but are also extremely comfortable to work with and beautifully designed. Specially crafted to meet the needs of every avid gardener, this toolkit will help you cultivate your dream garden!


The bag also contains enough space for a few extra tools. It is nice and lightweight for easy carrying around the garden. The toolkit would also make the perfect gift for any friend or family member with an interest in gardening. Quite simply, a must buy!

tools for gardeners

The garden tools set includes:

  • TROWEL specially designed to maximize leverage on tough soil. 
  • TRANSPLANTER with depth markings (listed in both inches and cm).
  • CULTIVATOR with sharp tines for getting through tough soil.
  • A waterproof storage bag for all the tools.
  • The useful gardening guidebook: “10 Steps to Starting Your Perfect Garden”

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