Handmade Edison Desk Lamp

This handmade Thomas Edison desk lamp from Fernweh Woodworking is the perfect item to give your desk space a warm and cozy glow. In addition, you can impress your friends with this timelessly trendy retro gadget. With attention paid to the minutest details, this beautiful piece is sure to catch people’s attention on any work surface.


  • American Black Walnut wood.
  • Homemade to order.
  • 7-foot long twisted cloth wrapped cord completes retro look.
  • Felt feet to prevent scratches.
  • UL certified electrical components for maximum safety.
  • Built and shipped within 5 days of ordering.

edison desk lamp retro lighting

More about Fernweh Woodworking

Justin Nelson is the incredible man behind Fernweh Woodworking – Furthermore, he handcrafts and creates all of their products himself. In addition, living in Bend, OR, Justin is surrounded by mountains and forests which constantly inspire his work. He has also lovingly created this brand from scratch revolving around his passion for woodworking. His other products include Geometric Planter Boxes¬†and Triangular Floating Shelves. To see Justin’s complete range of products, click HERE.

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