Fitbit Alta HR – The Slimmest, Most Comfortable Health Tracker with a Heart Rate Monitor

Why are health tracker wristbands popular?

Health tracker wristbands have been really growing in popularity since we’ve been becoming more socially health conscious in the last few years. What we eat, how well we sleep, and how much we exercise is getting more attention than ever before. Now, keeping track of this has never been easier.

What can they do for us?

Different health trackers do different things, but generally they might monitor how much we walk, how much we exercise, how well we sleep, how many times we wake up each night, and our heart rate (both resting and active). They store the information on our phones or computer and show us how things are going from month to month, week to week. When you can see your levels you can push yourself to get healthier. They’re great.

Why do we like the Fitbit Alta HR compared to the rest?

Heart Rate Monitor

Until now, none of the slim, lightweight health trackers monitored your heart rate or were any good for recording exercise or sleep. The information they provided was limited. Mostly, they just monitors your steps and how many times you woke up each night.

The bigger health trackers were great, but they had their problems. They were big and heavy with a computer screen the size of your wrist glowing at you. Sleeping with them wasn’t easy and it was east to wake up because of them.

The Fitbit Alta HR is the first one that we’ve seen that fixes these problems. It’s small and lightweight, but – like the bigger models – it monitors your heart rate, tracks all your sleep cycles and stages (deep sleep, REM sleep, wake ups, time needed to fall asleep), and – my favorite part – tracks your exercise in a way none of the other small ones can. Like the big ones, it has automatic exercise detection for stairs, cycling, elliptical, and more, besides from only walking. That means you can live your life normally and it will actually do a good job monitoring you. Plus, it’s light enough that you won’t notice it when you sleep.

Here’s the chart with everything that is does

writstband health tracker

Sleep App Data

Fitbit pedometer wristband

Athletic Girl Running

Check out the product on their website HERE.

Check out product reviews and pricing for it HERE.

Do you have one? Write us HERE and tell us all what you think of it.

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