Planning Your Alaska Cruise

Picture this: Thousands of miles of scenic coastline, towering mountains, massive glaciers, vast rainforests and tranquil waters… Welcome to an Alaska Cruise. With its impressive cultural and natural diversity, it’s no wonder that Alaska has become such a big draw for so many cruise fans from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a scenic cruise, inland expedition, or just exploring one of Alaska’s major ports, there is a cruise package uniquely designed to cater to your desires. Here’s what you need to know before you go –


When To Go?

There’s a reason why Alaska’s rain forests are so impressive. It rains a lot! So be wise to pick the right time of year for you. The Alaska cruise season runs from May to September, but high season is typically from June to August. That said, when the right time is for you can be rather subjective.


Summertime is obviously the warmest time of year and your chances of seeing wildlife generally increase throughout the summer months. It’s a totally different experience than in winter. So, the cost of your cruise will be a bit more expensive during peak season (June-August).


But have no fear, reasonably priced packages in Alaska are offered throughout the year, some even below $400 USD! May and September offer cheaper packages and less crowds. And, while May has a significantly less chance of rain, September offers visitors a much greater chance of seeing the Northern Lights! If you have never seen them, put them on your bucket list! They’re one of nature’s most incredible sights.


How to go and what to bring….


Nearly every major cruise line offers Alaskan packages in the summertime. Alaskan cruises are typically round-trip expeditions that depart and return to either Seattle, Washington, or Vancouver, British Columbia. The weather fluctuates, so make sure to dress in layers. Bring everything from a swimsuit to nice warm fleece jacket. Other things to bring include binoculars, sunscreen, motion sickness medicine, insect repellant, rain gear and hiking boots, if you plan on doing any day hikes from the port cities.


Fascinating cities, amazing wildlife, glaciers, fjords, whale watching, and pristine rainforests. Sound appealing? An Alaskan cruise may be just the thing to add onto your bucket list.


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