75-year Old Woman Gets Fired and Goes on Wild Bucket List Adventure

Bucket List Adventure: A Son’s Duty to his Hard-Working Mother


After working in the hospitality industry for 50 years, Rebecca Danigelis was fired at the age of 75. She felt devastated and lost now that her work was done. And yet, she felt that she had missed out on so many things in life because of her devoted work ethic. Her son, Sian-Pierre Regis, seeing her distress, decided to do something about it.

He remembered growing up above the hotel where she worked. She never took time off and, as a single mother, gave up everything for him and his brother, including her pension that she used to pay for his college. “My mom wasn’t home a lot. She was always working,” Sian-Pierre said. “I was like, ‘I have a little bit of cash. Let’s just write out a list of all the things you couldn’t do, and let’s do them,’ and it really was a distraction for her because of her head space.”


Rebecca Danigelis Movie


She put down a list of things down that she wanted to do… and this was not ordinary list. On it included dreams, such as skydiving, taking a hip-hop class, flying a kite across 8 Mile in Detroit, and milking a cow in Virginia. Other items were more personal, including seeing her sisters grave back in England for the first time. She wasn’t able to attend the funeral because of her work duties.

As a filmmaker, he decided to make a movie called “Duty Free” about the experience. They have just reached their fundraising goal for the production on Mother’s Day.



To read more about the Kickstarter campaign, which has raised over $52,000 so far, click HERE.

She has a very sweet Instagram that she put together. To see her Instagram page, click HERE.

To visit the official Duty Free website, click HERE.

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