63-Year-Old Fashion Icon is Challenging Age-Based Discrimination

The Accidental Fashion Icon

Sixty-three year old, Lyn Slater, has signed with Elite, the world’s top modeling agency. How she got there is even more incredible. It all started during New York Fashion Week when a photographer mistook her for a fashion icon.

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She was going to meet a friend for lunch near Lincoln Center when foreign journalists surrounded her to take pictures. A crowd formed, believing that she was famous. Just like that, her life changed forever. She started her fashion blog, Accidental Icon, and became an instant hit.

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In a 2016 interview, she was asked about her thoughts on “dressing her age”. Lyn’s response was simple:

“It’s really, to me, we have lots of ways that we use language to control people, and I feel like that’s a way of controlling older women. I think, if you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, no matter how old you are and you’re owning it, you’re going to look completely fine. I think it’s a very unhelpful term.”

As a professor at Fordham University, she couldn’t have known her life would have taken this turn. Yet, here she is, challenging social perception every single day by embracing life and opportunity. She is a voice against ageism and an activist against repressive social norms. As she put it, “I feel an enormous freedom of expression and even more of a desire to reject the status quo and be rebellious.”

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“I had always adored fashion and unusual clothes. But I’m a teacher, and my profession has its own rules: I have to dress sensibly for my lessons. This amusing incident encouraged me, and I decided to start writing a fashion blog where I could express myself.”, she told Ari Seth Cohen at Grey Magazine. Regarding her thoughts on aging, Lyn said, “Ironically, I am much more confident in my physical appearance now than when I was younger… Life becomes more urgent, in a good way. All things are put in perspective and living in the moment becomes imperative. I probably like it more than not like it. I can still be crazy but I am more in control of it if that makes sense.”

Lyn is a reminder to all of us to live freely and to do what we love.

You never know how it will change your world forever if you do. Being yourself is one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give to the world. So, ask yourself, what makes you special and different from others? That might just be the thing that others love and admire the most about you.

To learn more about Lyn, you can follow her at www.accidentalicon.com.

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When was the last time that life surprised you and everything changed for the better? Share your story with us HERE! We’d love to hear it!

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